friday, january 12

To: Heather
From: Andy

Work is fine. E-Z. My pizza rocked. I try to give myself one big fat day a week and not be a big fat whore during the week – sometimes I fail. Or as we say in HR – I don’t meet the challenge. Though I know that I can’t think of it as a diet – more as a ‘I’m deciding to eat like this now’. It is amazing how we grew up eating as kids. >sigh< Had tea with Eric last night (different than Erik - a guy who's friends of Brig and Karen - he's a photog - not a date) then got out with him and turned right around and had more tea and played spades with N****** and his crazy friend TallJeff (it's really just Jeff but we have to discern him from Jeff22 and JeffCakes - don't laugh: there's 4 Tims, 3 Muffins (English lads), 3 Ryans and a multitude of J's - Josh, John, Justin - meanwhile Eric is stuck in J land on the latin side - every guy he dates's name started with the J sound in spanish - Jose, Javier, Jorge..). Anyway: I'm leaving soon since none of my bosses are here. I hope to sign a lease this weekend for a March production of Bruises, Worms and Bared Soles. Still looking for an Antigone space for the sumemr. Mom and dad are like well we're on spring break so we might come see it - the Evil Son in me is like you better come see it since you missed them at Wright State! Don't worry - that venom doesn't apply to you - though I hope you will come up and see da playz - it'll have the usual gang of idiots - the Ensemble in it.I had a talent scout tell me to consider changing my name. I digest. Digress. Regress. Repress. Whatever. Going to my internist next week to hopefully schedule getting my tonsils and stuff ripped out. Then I have to go for some singing training to get my voice back in shape and learn how to sing without all that flesh back there - should change my resonance.

Who me, self-absorbed? When?!

Do you ever watch Malcolm in the Middle?? Last week one of the brothers locked the other two outside.

Love you






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