friday, february 23

Rehearsal last night rocked. Bruises makes us all ashamed to be actors – it’s wonderful. After the sledgehammer bludegoning sequcnce, the three girls watch on as Jessi crawls across the floor wailing in pain. So hard to watch. Ah, viscera. The play ends. I say: ‘Let’s take a break.’ And we all slowly leave the room quietly. Something about that play is just so unnerving. I wish all of you could come see it. When Lingo brings the sledgehammer down on Jessi’s face and her legs shoot out wildly from the impact it is so fucking insane. I mean Lingo’s really hitting a phone book four feet north of her head – but still – the angle your viewing it at just makes it so fucked up. Doing a lot of detail work with all three plays. I’m blessed with bad-ass actors this time around so they’ve all gone so far on the basic stuff and we’re just polishing it all to get everything as clean as possible. And the best part of the bruising is after the first two hits Mitzi calls it quits but then Tammy and Ronnie egg her on to do a third hit. God I’m sick.

All the people at work doing Weight Watchers get weighed today so nobody’s eating a goddamn thing. Makes me want to sit here with a dozen Krispy Kremes and some 2% milk.

I really want to go get smashed on martinis tonight but Nick and Jeff are at ISU seeing some play Brent worked on. Maybe Karen or Brigitte wants to go. Just gimme two martinis and I’ll be writhing on the velvet couch moist and ready. Yeah Brigitte – I said moist.

Need to write a director’s note. Need to call Al. Need to call Lewis.

Had lunch with Kevin. She is such a refreshing breath of air in this crazy world – she’s been-there-done-that on so much stuff that I always find her perspective useful. Plus she’s so goddamn emphatic about everything. She’s very expressive and a very direct communicator – which is what made me a little skittish around her initially but now it is part of her enduring (and durable) charm. She’s proof of Third Acts. She had a marriage, a corporate career and now she’s a free-wheeling chick living in a studio apartment, temping and racing her bike to the lake in the summer to ‘lay out with all the other old Jewish broads.’

I took my tanning to the next level yesterday (sort of). I’ve noticed that my sides aren’t getting any color at all and so I decided it was time to try out the tanning BOOTH. Oh yeah. So I climbed inside the anteroom, closed the door and began to disrobe – the thing is like something at NASA. Walked into the main chamber and put on my goggles – closed the panel behind me and pressed the magic button – immediately fans whir above and below me as a pentagon of white light encircles me. I place my hands in two stirrups/loops suspended from the roof of the contraption and feel the burn. Actually there wasn’t any burn at all. I was too paranoid about getting burnt so I only did the thing for six minutes – the chick said it was intense wattage. I noticed no warmth or anything this morning upon waking. I’m going back y’all. Time to get the teeth bleached too! Heh heh heh…

So I guess we’ve learned nothing at all: (but then again this is from Minnesota*)

Teachers are doling out reprimands to students caught embracing in the hallway. Bennett has received disciplinary checks from a teacher for hugging. Arns said he has discouraged boy and girl hugging, but hugging between girls is acceptable. Students say some teachers are discouraging all types of hugging between themselves and their peers.

*I can make the Minnesota comment given I’m from Indiana where they are still trying to get the 10 Commandments in the classroom






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