friday, february 16

GODDAMMIT. I just lost a post through an SQL error. I’ve been thinking more and more about Dean’s thoughts on reducing daily decisions. I picture my closet with pants on one side – ones for work to the front – all else behind. Same with shirts. Workout clothes, socks and underwear are pre-packaged for daily parcels. Socks are in two boxes – one for gym socks – one for all else. Breakfast is waiting at work – a couple of boxes of cereal and soy milk in the fridge. Lunch is prepared every three days with sandwiches and fresh fruit. I may be on to something. By making these daily decisions have defaults – reducing the time and the impetus required to make these decisions the creativity and energy expended could go towards more worthwhile pursuits. I remember reading that when Jonathon Larson went into re-writes for Rent he ate the same thing all the time. I may be on to something. Ruminate ruminate (note to self: always CTRL-A and CTRL-C before clicking Post in case the Blogger server hiccups).






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