friday, december 8

from Kevin:

From now on I’m hoping to send positive action items on voting reform in
preparation for the election in two years. Well after I send the quotes I
pulled down yesterday from the Ultra Right Wing of the Republican Party.
Jerry Farwell and his ilk. Between this and that there in lies the schism
that we have to somehow heal please.

  1. Imagine that you read about the elections in some third world country where the self-declared winner is the son of a former president who had also
    been head of the country’s secret police (CIA).

  2. Imagine that the self-proclaimed winner had lost the popular vote, but won (thanks to vestiges of the country’s predemocratic past).
  3. Imagine that the self-proclaimed victory was result of a handful of votes won in the province governed by the brother of the self-proclaimed winner.
  4. Imagine that the ballots in a district favorable to the rival of the self-proclaimed victor were so poorly designed that thousands of voters mistakenly voted for someone who was their sworn enemy.
  5. Imagine that the members of the racial group most oppressed in the
    country voted in numbers without precedent and that they are opposed almost unanimously to the self-proclaimed winner.

  6. Imagine that hundreds of members of this racial group had difficulties
    voting due to police interference in the province governed by the brother of
    the self proclaimed victor.

  7. Imagine that of the 6 million people who voted in this province the
    difference between the self-proclaimed victor and his rival is less than 500 votes. This is less than the margin of error in machine counted ballots.

  8. Imagine that the self-proclaimed victor and his political party oppose an inspection and hand count of the ballots in the province.
  9. Imagine that the self-proclaimed victor is also governor in a province with the worst human rights record of any other province in the country, and leads them all in the number of executions.
  10. Imagine that the one of the major campaign promises of the self-proclaimed winner is to designate other human rights violators to life-time posts on the Supreme Court of the nation.






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