friday, august 3

Mom and dad are in town now. They came in during the downpour. It rained so much yesterday it was unreal. Flash-flooding in a major metropolitan city? I didn’t even know that happened! Took them to late lunch at FoodLife in Water Tower Place and then they came to rehearsal with me and watched us run all three parts of Sinister. They really liked the play. I was glad. It shouldn’t matter whether or not they like the play – but it does. They’ve seen everything I’ve done from puppets when I was 8 to now so it does matter. And they really liked it a lot. That surprised me. I’m thinking it might be better than I’m suspecting. Or maybe not. Either way – it’s fun work with fun people and that’s what it’s all about.

I’m getting hungry again. I wish they’d call so we could go to lunchy-munchy. Baby’s hungry.






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