Fox Cancels AVP Premiere

(via Defamer)

It’s never a good sign when a studio cancels the premiere of a film they’ve spent buckets of money promoting, but it happened this week. Reason one, and this is the most common one: the film sucks so bad that the studio doesn’t want anybody to see it in advance so that negative word of mouth won’t have a chance to spoil the opening weekend business.

The best part is when a commenter says that it really wasn’t that bad – that she’d seen it in preview and the IP address of the commenter was from FOX!!!






4 responses to “Fox Cancels AVP Premiere”

  1. palochi Avatar

    This is so disappointing. I’ve read the same thing elsewhere. I was really looking forward to this movie. As for the “FOX commenter” – like that would surprise anyone?

  2. Pero Avatar

    From what I have heard, they did the same thing with Exorcist (the begining, or whatever the hell they have named this one).

    They shot the whole movie, put it together, watched it, decided it sucked; fired the directors and producers, made some cast changes, rewrote it refilmed the entire thing (keeping NOTHING from the first attempt.)

    Look for them on DVD early next year.

  3. Bingo Avatar

    I was actually thinking last night about how I should blog on this topic

  4. Andy Avatar

    As the output for a new idea becomes more expensive to produce we’ll see more of these meta-movies.

    What I don’t get is how can you go wrong with these movies when you have tons of backstory and suggestions from the graphic novels series? Like with the whole Alien graphic novels and totally trashing that for Alien3? And Alien 4 was just a pitiful disgrace. Yet, I still go. Still deciding if I’ll go see this tomorrow – probably not.

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