It is Thursday. Ron was doing a flight from Seattle and back yesterday. The snow storm we had predicted turned out to just be drizzling ice. Hopefully we can go see King Kong today – I’m hoping we can get in to an early afternoon showing.

It is sort of exciting that Brokeback Mountain is making such waves crticially. It opens here in Chicagon tomorrow. I think it would be just great if the movie made more money than The Passion of the Christ. I’m interested in seeing it especially because everyone is crazy about Jake Gyllenhall right now (especialy after Jarhead) but I’ve always found him to be an incredibly boring and unremarkable actor. We’ll see.

Paid my affiliates yesterday. Sent Darren his portion from the Six Figure Blogging course. Trying to get all the financial stuff in order and get my taxes paid as soon as possible. Then I’ll know how much I have left over to devote to debt payment and maybe, just possibly, yathink, a little fun.

The carpet cleaners came yesterday and the carpets are now wonderful. The only hitch is they blew the circuits for my unit and the landlord showed me where the circuits are and then asked me if I knew the realtors will pay for carpet cleaning once a year – with their recommended cleaners of course. Oh well. I had Stanely Steemer here and I swear the guys were driving a Zamboni around my apartment.

Worked on my course schedule for next year and some sales projections. Need to do three scenarios of so-so, realistic and great. Also need to review all my bill paying and do budget estimates. I can’t imagine not knowing Excel and trying to do ths stuff by hand.

I was going to attempt the upgrade of this blog to the new WordPress 2.0 but ended up not doing it after a three hour nap last night. Oh it was nice.

Returing my Zoloft dosage to a full tablet as the days get shorter. Usually by February I find myself staring at the walls for more than 3 minutes at a time.

Ron and I need to rent a van and go out to the burbs to get my teeth whitened (with that package I bought at Mierka’s MS Foundation silent auction) and then go to Ikea and get some furniture.

I was talking to mom and about theatre stuff and if I’ll ever produce or direct plays again. I think if you want to hit it big in small-scale theatre you have to have somethign really really really provocative. We haven’t had any theatre riots in the US in a long time – but somethign of that magnitude. Something that is so either truthful and raw or deeply offensive that it can’t be dismissed.  Somethign that would get Geraldo Rivera beating down the door. Because marketing seems to be the missing link. I know the demographics are skewed toward older audiences for most theatre but if you can get something that is renegade – that really ‘sticks it to the man, man’ – you might be able to engage a broader group. Or somethign involving sex acts onstage. Karen and I used to joke about starting a company called FOSAP. Free Oral Sex After Performance. Of course we weren’t saying WHO is giving all this free oral sex – certainly not us. But we figured if you get enough people to show up for free oral sex, surely some of them will exchange with eachother.






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  1. Adam B. Avatar
    Adam B.

    It’d be great to see Brokeback Mountain garner as much money as a Passion, but I doubt a large segment of the population will guilt trip themselves into seeing it.

  2. David Avatar

    Just the gays. If I hear one more comment from him about uncomfortable it was to kiss a man…,

  3. coolbuddha Avatar

    Thank you for the carpet update!

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