Flight of the Bin Ladens

I’m sure you know by now that immediately after 9/11 while the FAA had grounded
every aircraft on American soil, a handful of planes went around the country
and picked up members of the Saudi Royal family and prepared to fly them out
of the country. This included members of the multi-billionaire Bin Laden family:

They neglected to brief the flight attendants. On the flight from Los Angeles,
the bin Laden girl began talking to an attendant about the horrid events of
“I feel so bad about it,” she said.
“Well, it’s not your fault,” replied the attendant, who had no idea who the
passenger really was. “
Yeah,” said the passenger. “But he was my brother.”

When this story first broke it was buried under a barrage of ‘that’s just so
silly’ and most reports had the flights taking place after the air travel ban
had been lifted. The big point of contention is if they flew out of the country
during the travel ban or if this was just the herding stage. Either way, no
other family or business or party enjoyed the same special treatment by the
American government.

Sure, maybe Osama was the black sheep of the family. But where the hell was
he still getting all of his money? Anyways, Salon has a great report on it.






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