Fat Loss Blog Up and Running

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Installed a fresh new copy of WordPress 1.5 (beta) for our fat loss blog – I really like the re-organization they’ve done on the interface and look forward to the release of the official 1.5.


Click Register to sign-up so you can make posts, too. I had Ron take my measurements yesterday – 11.74% body fat is definitely in the better-than-healthy range. I’d like to half it, though. We’ll see.

I think I need to revolve my world around food – which isn’t difficult coming from my family. I just note that when I’m working and I think, oh, I’m hungry I should eat in a few minutes and then two hours later I’m thinking, It’s all shit! My ebook sucks! What the hell is wrong with me?! I want a pony! it just might be mood-based and food-based.

I’ve been sleeping like a cat lately – probably the stress hormones filtering out of the brain. And I don’t think actually having a cat helps the situation either. A cat is a constant reminder to Hey, why are you so stressed out – have you really been at that computer for four hours – on a weekend? Come on – the down comforter is already warmed up for you. Plus the fact that Ron’s sleep habits are just like a cats as well: Let’s just lay down for a few minutes and have a nap – just a few more minutes – fifteen more minutes – oh, wow – it’s dark outside.






8 responses to “Fat Loss Blog Up and Running”

  1. sam Avatar

    I know this is somewhat irrelevant, but I’m really annoyed. WP 1.5 requires php 5, and my host is 4.3.10. Argh.

    And… 11.74%? Can there possibly even BE any fat on you?

  2. Andy Avatar

    In other news: the nazi’s are back!

    And Sam emailed back to correct that WP can use PHP5 – it just requires a small htaccess tweak.

  3. DannyBunny Avatar

    Fattie reporting, Sir! But Fattie can’t log in. Helpch!

  4. Andy Avatar

    I reset your password Danny – it’s in yer email.

  5. DannyBunny Avatar

    oh cool. it works now. see ya at the sweatshop.

  6. Dunner Avatar

    Yeah, Andy, um, halving a body-fat percentage of 11.74 percent is just silly, not to mention unhealthy. How about matching your body fat percentage to your shoe size?

  7. Andy Avatar

    Yeah – it’s more a direction than a goal. I’ll probably land more at 8 or 7 than 5.5.

  8. Gigamatt Avatar

    My god. I was at 11% (which was fat for me), and I got it down a little just by pushing increasing my muscle mass. But now I havent been to the gym in 2 years (and gained 20lbs in the last year), so I’m scared.

    Gotta get in and get fit again. Or at least start using my home gym. My goals are to bike a half hour 3 days per week as a start.

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