I finally got responsible and went to the doctor today for my foot – you know, the stress fracture I got last July that the doctors delayed so long with X-rays and bone scans that by the time they were ready to treat me I didn’t have insurance anymore even though I could have had insurance when I went part time if stupid HR dumbfuck hadn’t screwed me over). She took pity on my insurance-less-ness (Blue Cross Blue Shielf just received my application) and didn’t charge me. She said that it’s probably plantar fasciits – which Brigitte has. She’ll send me to a sports clinic once I’m insured. I’ve been looking it up online and the symptoms look like exactly what I’ve been experience. Morning tightness in the arch and pain in the heel. Read how important it is to stretch the feet before I get out of bed in the morning and that I should wear shoes that don’t make my toes curl to grip the sole.

Also got back on Zoloft today. I’d gone off of it a few months ago but I noticed that I don’t have a job right now and I am not really getting a lot of my to do list done all the time and I have this perverse glee in watching things pile up and apathy at the entropy that things seem to take on. Like you almost enjoy watching your life become disorganized and ho-hum, doesn’t it all just suck? So we’re back on the meds starting today. Probably take about 2 weeks to start trigging my brain and get my serotonin levels back to par.

Went to the Palmer House today to see Intenrnational Mister Leather – the gay leather event in the world held every year in Chicago – celebrating it’s 25th anniversary. I’d left my driver’s license in my jeans from the night before so after I had to taxi back home and back downtown to get in – talk about rage – I felt so fucking stupid and angry. Three floors of booths and boutiques reminded me of the crafts fairs we used to go to as a kid except instead of selling handwoven rugs, these guys are selling chainmail loincloths and dogtags that say, ‘TOILET’. And tons and tons of leather fetish gear. I’m always amazed at the amalgam of motifs: police, military, medieval, motorhog and bondage. And how those evolved and joined to create the leather fetish set.






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