Fahrenheit Filmmaker's Footage Fractures the Official Story

Remember the footage from Fahrentheit 9/11 – where the soldiers are demoralizing the Iraqi with a bag over his head?

U.S. soldiers touch the penis of one Iraqi man. He’s hooded, he’s on the stretcher, and totally powerless.

The filmmaker that caught the footage is named Urban Hamid and was embedded for part of his stay in Iraq. Amy Goodman interviewed him about his upcoming doucmentary:

Goodman: Did you try to give it to the networks?
Hamid: Oh, yeah. I came to the States mid-February until mid-March and, you know, we sent out lots and lots of press releases, and nothing.Goodman: What do you think has changed? Now they’re showing the photos of Abu Ghraib.Hamid: You know, I think that in revealing what happened in Abu Ghraib– there was no way of stopping this. I feel that the administration felt that, well, you know, it’s out, and now we have to sort of try to at least make it look like we are doing something about this. But I really feel that it is a red herring. It’s a red herring to cover up what’s really happening in Iraq.