Explaining Boy Bands

Backstreet, Bieber, et al.

“I call it the “lust bucket”. Teenage girls are horny, they’re lonely, they want romance, they want tinglies, but they’re scared of real commitment because, well, they’re teenagers. They need a relationship that they’re in 100% control of to get them used to the idea. They need someone to dump all their lust and adoration and fascination on without any worry that it’ll get “weird” or serious.

Presenting: The Boy Singer

It helps if they’re vaguely or blatantly feminine (that way the masculine traits don’t scare the girl. He’s a guy, but not too male, so he’s safe).

He’s a celebrity. There’s no chance in hell he’ll ever reciprocate. The girl is safe. She can dump all her lust and fascination and fluttery love on him without any worry of the relationship going sour. She’s in control. She gets used to the hormones of love and adoration and the insanity of puberty passes her by and, eventually, she comes to her senses and has a real relationship with an actual person.
Basically, Boy singers give girls somewhere safe to dump all their newfound hormones and love until they’re ready to dump it on someone who will love them back and (gasp) require interaction.

Love with training wheels, basically.”

Full post http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/1vv7sl/what_is_one_thing_you_will_absolutely_never/ceweb21





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