Excessive Drooling in Cats

Kitty is drooling a lot tonight. More than his usual ‘so happy to see you’ drops. He’s not sneezing and the liquid is clear and he is still playful and active so I think those are good signs. Gotta take him to the vet tomorrow morning.

Update: Vet says to let it wait a day, check for any cleaning products he might have gotten into and then bring him in tomorrow if the drooling continues.






3 responses to “Excessive Drooling in Cats”

  1. Geo Avatar

    Yo Andy,
    Have you applied any flea medication recently ??? When I use a product that I got from my vet for my Abysinnians they drool like crazy but it’s a normal reaction. It stops after a short period of time… Geo

  2. Andy Avatar

    He is suddenly totally fine. His drooling has stopped. I’m still on the lookout though.

  3. nicole Avatar

    my cat has been drooling a lot for two days, I am worried

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