Everything Is Everything

Let the world know how much saner I am when I am not at work. I was up
at 5:30 this morning – gave Ron a peck good morning – and was on the bike
machine for 30 minutes – reading Blowback. It’s a good book because
it gets me pissed off again – and I find that for me I can get a lot of
fuel and energy and motivation from anger and dis-satisfaction.(when Kate
and I would chant ‘status quo! status quo!’ in Health class as the precarious
balance of Emily and Brian’s relationship (the big couple on (high school)
campus) hung by a thread). I was back at 6:15 and got some eggs and made
breakfast mess – my attempt at a poorly flipped omelette – in this case,
green peppers, snow peas and 10 eggs with mozeralla cheese. Woke Ron up to
eat – he went back to bed. Sent about 15 emails off to prospective coaching
clients and I already have three sample sessions for this week – two of which
are friends so they should be shoo-ins. Went through My Documents and categorized,
deleted and renamed all of those files that I’ve been meaning to move around.
I’ve started keeping all of my email on the server so it is backed up nightly
– so I have an Action folder (email I need to act on) so I sent alot of Action
items into the Read (dealt with) folder. Waited for the DSL guy only to
learn in a phone call that they never ordered my equipment – but I will
say that the two support callers were excellent – really really good guy
and gal – I never expected any sort of class from Ameritech. The modem should
be here in three days or so and then I’ll be back in high-speed land.

Had a great phone call with a coaching colleague who contacted me out of
the blue because she’s starting a website built around self-help type instruction
and classes. Really amazing contact.

Alright. Now I feel like a big drama schwing for being so down in the dumps
the past few days. Like I wrote above – I am so much saner when I am not
at work. I am totally wired right now. I have a meeting tonight with MookieJam
about their website design (they’re paying me this time around…). Matt
sent me a possible web design client. I have been very good and making categories
on my Palm for Leads – so I am notating interactions and deadlines so I can
keep track of everything. I feel embarrassed at how I let some people go
more than two weeks before a follow-up phone call – but I’ll soon be to the
point where I’ll have cut and dried emails to send out so there will be no
delay. Part of me loves the idea of constructing this big Andy Device that
farms leads and sends out queries and gets replies and brings business. On
the recommendation of Bill I’m gonna get ACT Contacts which centers all of
your interactions around your address book – I guess I realize how important
a network is lately. I want to make a big map of all the people I know and
their magnitude in my life and how/why I should stay in touch with them. I
guess I’m starting to see the mammoth proportions that I want to operate in
and I need to make sure I have tools to support that. And to keep it fun.

Dear Ron,

I don’t know how to tell you this so I thought putting it on the internet
for everyone else to see would be just fine. I just know that I can’t live
a lie anymore. Today I looked at the nutrition content of my Peanut Butter
Moo’d smoothie from Jamba juice. I then compared it to a chocolate milkshake
from Baskin-Robbins. The smoothie has 840 calories. The ice cream milkshake?

I don’t know how I can live like this anymore. I hope you’ll understand.

(I’m kidding darling)






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