Eminent Domain

Does anyone know if eminent domain – the ability of the government to seize private property for the use of the greater good – applies to intellectual property?

Could the government seize the patents on the flu vaccines and start it’s own factory?

(I’m being theoretically here – politicians are so far up the Big Pharma reticulum I doubt this could ever happen)






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  1. mark Avatar

    Why bother when US citizen are coming up in planes, trains and automobiles to get one of our shots. (and filling their prescriptions why they are at it)

    Hasn’t anyone explained to the US public that Canada only gets X number of drugs based on population and certain drugs are next to impossible to get for ourselves because of the US demand.

    The US makes up 50% of the Drug Co’s Worldwide profits and the US is the only BIG BOY Country that does not have price controls in place. It amazes me that instead of fighting to import our supplies(which we get from the same suppliers as you do) USers aren’t figthing to put price controls there and end this silliness.

    For the record, Canada only has 1.5 million extra shots folks (made here in Vancouver) and WE haven’t even called our doctors yet.

  2. sam Avatar

    I feel weird about Americans getting their drugs from Canada. I hate the idea of Canada sort of subsidizing the cost of our medications. But on the other hand, I think one could effectively argue that by paying the prices we do for prescription drugs in the first place, we have been subsidizing for Canadians. In a very unofficial kind of way, of course. Oh well, it’s just a thought. I don’t think I know enough about the subject to try to form an opinion.

  3. mark Avatar

    The US doesn’t subsidize our drugs….we get them at the same wholesale price as you do.

  4. Andy Avatar

    Canadians must stop Americans from using Internet pharmacies to raid its medicine chest or face a drug shortage, a coalition of Canadian groups representing seniors, pharmacies and patients has warned.”

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