Emerald Cockroach Wasp's Life-cycle


  1. The female wasp stings the roach first in the thoracic to disable its front legs.
  2. Then the wasp stings the roach in brain which disables its escape response causing the roach to groom itself and become sluggish.
  3. The wasp proceeds to chew off half of each of the roach’s antennae to hydrate itself and regulate the amount of venom in the roach’s system.
  4. The wasp drags the roach to its burrow using its antennae as a leash.
  5. The wasp lays an egg in the roach’s abdomen and fills in the burrow
  6. Escape reflex disabled, the stung roach will simply rest in the burrow as the wasp’s egg hatches after about three days.
  7. The larva feeds for 4-5 days on the roach then chews it’s way out of its abdomen.

via Emerald cockroach wasp






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