Electrical Thingy

Pop-quiz – what would a thing be called that I could put on the floor to guard an electrical cord that was running across a doorway. I have my left rear surround sound speaker and the cord crosses the bathroom mid-room doorway (well, before kitty chewed through the cord). I want to know what a plastic panel would be called that I could lay over the cords. Any ideas?






2 responses to “Electrical Thingy”

  1. Randy Avatar

    I think you need a door threshold

  2. Geo Avatar

    suggest you run extension along top of baseboard and around sides and tops of doors – buy wire seperately and add male and female end if it is an unusually long run. Most hardware stores sell staple like nails with padded centers made especially for running cord. If the color spoils your decor then paint it. Don’t run it along the floor or where it could be walked on or where furniture or rugs could sit on it.

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