Easy Bake Weblogs v1.0 Released!

A while back, I’d posted for feedback on my upcoming book cover and such. Here’s the final design:

Book cover.

It is designed by the super-awesome Blipstudios.

I’m very excited about the design and am moving the new look/feel into the main site: http://easybakeweblogs.com/.






4 responses to “Easy Bake Weblogs v1.0 Released!”

  1. sam Avatar

    I think it’s sexy.

  2. Tony Avatar


    That is totally cool! Very original! Very exciting to see you putting out a book!

  3. Beastmomma Avatar

    That does look good!

  4. DannyBunny Avatar

    Hey Andy, think you’ve nailed it! =) looks good!

    sorry for totally slacking off the abs challenge thingie. i checked into the hospi during chinese new year for serious case of drug allergy. they gave me steroids! anyway, as a result of that, and falling sick subsequently, my tummy’s all gone. no need to work out now. haha.

    only prob, i look like a monkey now. LOL.

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