Early Bird

Got to work obnoxiously early. It is now 9:22 and there isn’t much to do. Just had breakfast – canteloupe and cottage cheese (yes, mom I’m eating canteloupe now). Been good about bringing food this week. Need to remember how good it feels to know you didn’t blow $20 on food in a day – and the nice even keel of no blood-sugar shocks. Though I’m sure if this continues I’ll be ready to go face first into a Cinnabon. I still can’t believe there isn’t a Cinnabon in the city – I’d have to go all the way out to O’Hare to get one. I remember thinking what an easy franchise that must be – there’s only one product to sell – along with the coffee and beverages. And they’re so goddamned good. Of course Ann Sather’s rock my world as well.

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