Dye, Eggs Dye!

I had a pack of rabid egg-dyeing enthusiasts at my house last night. I was surprised that they got as obsessive as they did – I was chided for not having real candles and two went to Walgreens to get real candles to drip no the eggs for more precision dyeing. Had about a dozen people show up. With kids, they’re all talking and babbling but in the kitchen there was a zen-like mood of attention to egg dyeing. I’d bought too much food as usual but the strawberries were the best – with the cream cheese fruit dip. Karen wanted to just stick her face in the bowl. Another successful party come and gone… I’m very blessed to have such wonderful friends.

I’ve started turning in my head what my birthday party is going to be next month. I’m thinking of doing a two-parter. One part is gathering a bunch of friends and doing an informal workshop on Your Best Year Yet – a book I’m reading right now that would be great to do with a group. And then retire to Buca di Beppo for big friggin’ dinner. We’ll see.

Then there was the carnage. Before all my friends came over, Ron and I were doing last minute preparations and I reached to get a plate and it fell out of the cabinet and broke five glasses – broken glass all over the kitchen. One shard hit my foot and I started bleeding on the floor. Remember the Holy Thursday where Andy was hospitalized for blood loss? The Jaws of Life, alas, were not needed.






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