Dubai: Morally, Financially Bankrupt Dictatorship Built by Slaves

From the Independent:

The people who really built the city can be seen in long chain-gangs by the side of the road… in heat that Westerners are told not to stay in for more than 10 minutes. They were conned into coming, and trapped into staying. Yet the Westerners who have flocked to Dubai brag that they “love” the city, because they don’t have to pay any taxes, and they have domestic slaves to do all the hard work. They train themselves not to see the pain. Today Dubai will be bailed out by the United Arab Emirates, the oil-rich country of which it is only one state. But the oil will not last forever. More importantly, there is no Bank of Morality that could provide a bailout for this sinister mirage in the desert.

via Johann Hari






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