Dr. Jay's Street Style

An online forum for hip-hop clothier Dr. Jay where kids rate eachother’s thugged-out outfits – sort of like AmIKeepinItRealOrNot.com:

im scurred as fucc lookin at dat pic

Really though, how much of a gangsta can you be if you’re posting your pic and leaving catty comments on an internet site? They do their best to talk ‘shstrait shtreet’ in the discussion forum:

i duno them boots madd ugly I mean madd U.G.L.Y that can make an onion cry, I mean the fit is aight, just too plain so..u gets a 5






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  1. mark Avatar

    Just when you think you’ve seen everything, you have a “rate your thugwear” website.

    I thought the rate your penis site was good, I mean bad.

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