Dr. Hannibal Lecter in Arkham Asylum

“JOKER: You know doc. You had me going for a second there. But let me tell you. I’ve seen some doctors who claimed they could “cure” me. The most that got me was an annoying girlfriend, and let me tell you she was a handfull. This one time she and-

HANNIBAL: You had a wife once, didn’t you?

Silence. The Joker’s smile breaks.

JOKER: Don’t interrupt, doc. Anyway-

HANNIBAL: She died. Yes? Through no fault of your own? I can see it in your eyes. As black as they come. Yet so full of a lost history. How can you wipe such a woman out of your mind like that?

JOKER: You’re really starting to get on my nerves doc. Now let me-

HANNIBAL: Your constant ignorance towards your past makes me wonder. Was she pregnant?
Joker stands up furious. His yellow teeth vanished within his lips. His face hidden in the dark.

HANNIBAL (CONT’D): Oh my. She was. How sad. That’s a lot to bear for a young father. They tell me you once went by another name. The Red Hood was it? Such theatrics, you liked being center stage. Judging by your makeup I would suggest you to a circus.”

Full scene from a writing prompt on Reddit





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