Downing Street Memo Gets a Little More Traction

Bit by bit the US media puts a little more attention on the Downing Street Minutes:

At a late afternoon news conference, Reuters correspondent Steve Holland asked Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair about a memo that’s been widely written about and discussed in Europe but less so in the USA. “We want what the Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton and Star Wars stories have gotten: endless repetition until people have heard about it,” says David Swanson, one of’s organizers.







3 responses to “Downing Street Memo Gets a Little More Traction”

  1. Downing Street

    Does this mean people are starting to ask questions? Is there hope – repetition repetition repetition! I think this is a great idea!

  2. godsdog Avatar

    People *are* asking questions. A story about the memo finally turned up in USA Today.

  3. insanious Avatar

    Write to every newspaper, radio station and TV station to cover The Downing Street Minutes story!

    Thank you.

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