Dormaid at Harvard

Another nontroversy on FOX, a student has started a maid service for the dorms of Harvard (why didn’t I think of that!). The Harvard Crimson opines:

Hiring someone to clean dorm rooms is a convenience, but it is also an obvious display of wealth that would establish a perceived, if unspoken, barrier between students of different economic means.

Obvious display of wealth? How about $42,450 – $44,850?

That’s the Estimated Cost of Attendance for 2004-2005.

Your fucking degree is an obvious display of wealth.






2 responses to “Dormaid at Harvard”

  1. TreVor Avatar

    lol ~ tell me about it… actually I haven’t heard about this yet, definitely a nontroversy. Lata.

  2. alex Avatar

    I attend Harvard on financial aid, which is given generously on a need-based basis. While I think the editorial is pretty silly, so is your point. The estimated cost of attendance doesn’t include the fact that for a good amount of the kids here, it’s cheaper than going to a local state school if you factor in that Harvard meets 100% of financial need. As of last year, if your family makes less than $40k, you’re guaranteed having your full cost to attend covered by grants. Class division on campus exists, and there are some very poor and some very rich and lots of in between. The problem with the editorial isn’t that it asserts these class divisions, but that it suggests that these things are worsened by dormaid. Expensive clothes and electronics, not to mention liquor collections, do a pretty good job of telling who’s rich from who’s poor much more explicitly, and without the added benefit of a tidy room.

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