Does anyone else hate the

Does anyone else hate the news that comes out of Chicago? The style they have here which I think was pioneered here 20 years ago and is called the ‘happy-talk’ format is so cloying and annoying. Right now the two anchors are describing what’s in the daily newspapers. Media reporting on itself. How masturbatory. I so rarely watch televised news anymore – especially local news. And the tie-ins between news programs and their affiliate’s programming is becoming so self-evident. How can I trust what I see on the news anymore when I know that every segment and image is carefully calibrated to a demographic and, further, measure to sell a product. I think the news should have no music, no soundtrack, no ads. Have as little narration as possible. Have as much first person narrative as you can – reduce the anchor influence and dissolve the sugary barrier between audience and topic. I think the evening news should scare the shit out of you. Save escapism for fiction. How can I see events as being real when they are introducted with a John Williams soundtrack? Exactly.






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