Dinner at the Palisade Restaurant, Seattle

Today started with more orientation and reading and re-reading of documents and processes and project plans and such. Lunch was with the same crew from yesterday – plus an added bunch or five or six – at J & M bar where it was Burger Wednesdays. Tomorrow is the lunchtime barbecue and tonight I had dinner with my boss and one of her best buddies at the Palisade restaurant. I had the stuffed halibut. The restaurant had a salt-water indoor creek bubbling through it stocked with fish and crabs. I remaeked at lunch that this company seemed like a group of big eaters. I hope they didn’t take that the wrong way. That is how my family refers to itself and our love of eating and talking and fantasizing about food. ‘I come from a family of big eaters.’ There is another BBQ Friday night at a co-worker’s house. I’ve been offered to go up to Snoqualmie (the town where the exteriors for Twin Peaks were shot) or boating or up to a cabin. But I might just conserve my energies and stay in the city. Figure I’ll go to the aquarium or the Space Needle. I think I’ll probably fly solo this weekend just to introvert myself a bit more. Though there is a big game at the stadium Saturday maybe I’ll save sightseeing for Sunday.

We strolled along the coast line after dinner and by the docks they have a series of white wheelbarrows propped up. I learn they are for people to use to take stuff from their car to their boat: food, drinks, coolers, etc. I’m surprised they aren’t stolen regularly or chained down for protection. Two dumpsters on wheels are stationed near the docks and a small concrete bumper keeps them from careening into the sea – in Chicago they’d be in the lake within hours. I do like the size of the city of Seattle. Everyone is very polite and happy.

My co-workers are very happy people and enjoy eachother and their work. Sure it can be challenging and intense work but they all seem to really have a genuinely good time together. I’m working on a massive project for the company, one that really has the potential to transform the company so when people hear what I’m up to in Chicago their eyes brighten. Hopefully that is a good thing.

Finally home around 8:30. Ron is at my place with the kitty. I wish he was able to get off to come in for the weekend.






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