Dinner at Nashville's The Mad Platter

For my sister’s birthday dinner, we at at the Mad Platter a slightly upscale restaurant where they had their wedding reception (The one with the endless crab cakes. I think if there is anything close to a horn of plenty it would be endless amounts of crab cakes).

We had a five course meal: I had the chicken cream soupd (they had a cold soup with fruit but I have to admit that cold soup grosses me out completely – shouldn’t it just be a fruit juice?), the crab cake (of course!), the spinach salad with mango, the filet mignon medium well with vegetables and potatoes and the Chocolate Elvis. From hereafter I want every pie I ever eat to have the crust of the Chocolate Elvis – a king among chocolate cheesecakes.

(in the air now on the way home from Nashville)

We are remaining seated due to high winds – I think partially spun off from Rita.

Dinner was great, dessert was great. I wish Ron could have been with us. He is busy scouting out Louis Vuitton knockoffs on the streets of Hong Kong.






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