Desert (Snow) Storm

A snow storm came in just as I left for the cafe (I’m trying out saying cafe instead of coffeeshop – it’s so much more European – I do need to master the accent aigue – or is it an accent grave – I never could remember that in French class – though I do remember what a cedille is). The driving wind freezes your forehead and a small ache collects behind your eyes as the fine sand-like snow doesn’t fall – it pelts against the city. The snow slithers across the sidewalks, collecting in mounds and layers. Very unpeaceful snow. It was very invigorating to be in it though. And fun to watch people in it.






5 responses to “Desert (Snow) Storm”

  1. wah Avatar

    i don’t think i could live where it snows.
    pretty tho. i can’ even stand when it
    gets to 40degrees here!!! keep warm.

  2. JC Avatar

    I wish that we would get some snow instead of just this bitter cold which makes me shiver and ache and itch in not so savory ways.

  3. Jeff Avatar

    We got a couple of inches of snow today, but this being D.C., you’d think it was some major blizzard with all the media coverage. (Oh, and yes, café takes an accent aigu.) 😉

  4. Des Walsh Avatar

    Temperature on the beach here on Australia’s sunny Gold Coast is 78.8 and the water temperature this morning about 73, with a 3 foot swell. 🙂

  5. Mike Avatar

    Brrr. Old man winter has been brutal this year. We may dip down to 75F tomorrow afternoon. Working in socal next to the beach is awesome. Try it some time =)

    And out here, we call ’em coffee houses.

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