Debra Wilson as Oprah on Mad TV

I think ‘look fat people eat a lot’ is probably the lowest hanging fruit of comedy along with ‘prissy lispy fag eunuch who serves as fey sidekick’ and ‘aren’t black people talking ghetoo so funny!’ When Debra Wilson does her Oprah on Mad TV it is not funny because of all the ‘Oh my gosh, Oprah is so fat that is so funny. That she’s fat. Isn’t it?’ It is the vocal Wilson uses.

When we were in Hawaii we watched an epidoe of Mad TV where Oprah (Wilson) is giving away lots of stuff because it’s her BIRTHDAY! And she screams that last word and the crowd of women goes nuts. She keeps giving stuff away, each time screaming the last word of the sentence. It gets so manic that women in the audience start dry-humping canned hams and I almost lost my mind laughing.

Anyway, I’m on the bike at the gym and watching Oprah (the real one) and the TV is muted but she’s talking to the cast of Seinfeld and on the screen they show her talking, then the DVD sets of season 1 and 2 and then back to her talking. All of a sudden, her eyebrows jump up eye, her eyes get huge and she starts screaming. And so does the audience. I immediately knew – without even hearing it – that means she is giving everybody in the audience the DVDs. So funny.






3 responses to “Debra Wilson as Oprah on Mad TV”

  1. Jeff Avatar

    Ha, so true! I can just hear Debra Wilson’s sing-songy inflection. She totally has it down.

  2.  Avatar

    She rocks- you guys suck.

  3. mmoore Avatar

    what madtv should spoof is debra wilson’s performance on celebrity paranormal project….i think some of her stuff is funny, some of it offensive to the target…..but she was freaked out on cpp….we need someone to show HER how she looked!

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