Day After Tomorrow, The

New York gets destroyed. Again.

At least this movie featured the destruction of Los Angeles and New York City. I don’t understand how many more ways we can blow up, tear apart and demolish NYC with another round of fantastic special effects icing a tepid, pointless story.

If you want to test out your surround sound – rent it. Otherwise, wait until it’s on the telly.

Jake Gyllenhall does his best Tobey Maguire in the ‘doe-eyed hopeful’ department.

And the wolves. I actually heard the screenwriters rolling their eyes when I saw the wolves.

I’ll defer to Mr. Filthy to wind it up:

It’s garbage. Another bad fucking movie that treats the audience like stupid infants that will swallow anything spoonfed to us, and we’ll be grateful for it. Lesbian porn has better characters and plots than weather porn.






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  1. bw Avatar

    Maybe I’m an idiot, but I got what I paid for with this movie and enjoyed it immensely. Perhaps my expectations weren’t that hight to begin with. I just love special effects that are huge and show lots of destruction. It’s fun. And that’s what I pay for.

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