Date went well. Al's a

Date went well. Al’s a real sweetheart. It was nice to have a date that didn’t have the promise/pressure of sex at the end of it. We went to Soul Kitchen and I had pan-fried trout on green beans and he had jerk chicken with these great rice dumplings and we shared a banana-chocolate cake dessert. I found myself trying to size him up and ‘get a read’ and figure it all out during our interactions but tried to pull myself back and just enjoy being with a new person. We saw Traffic which I thought was a very good movie. Makes me want to go out and get some crack rock down a few blocks away. Al has big bright brown eyes and a nice full mouth that I was happy to kiss at the end of the date (just a quick smooch since I don’t live in the most lavender-friendly of hoods). He told me I should do stand-up comedy after I told him about how when I was a kid we’d shear sheep and dye wool all summer.






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