Dan Savage on Weiner

“And here’s the inevitable “professional help” question: Is he going to seek professional help. Because horniness is an illness. Wiener is being asked to apologize to Andrew Brietbart… and he does. Ugh. A reporter asks if Weiner was drinking or using drugs—if he has a problem—because only a man who has a drinking problem or a drug problem could get caught up in something like this. Do reporters know what men are like? (And lots of women too?) This desire to pathologize behavior that isn’t sick—that is, indeed, very common and human and completely and instantly understandable—is itself pathological. Weiner does not have a problem. He has a computer. The whole world has Weiner’s problem: same old horniness, brand new box. Weiner’s asked, again, if he has an “addiction.” … A reporter points out that some of the women Weiner interacted with were young enough to be his daughter. Oh, the horror. Newsflash: Straight men want to fuck women who are young enough to be their daughters. Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, Larry King, Rush Limbaugh—all married to women who are “young enough” to be their daughters. How can reporters sit at a press conference and insist that no man—except one with an addiction to sex, drugs, or alcohol—could ever lust after, flirt with, fuck senseless, or marry a women who was more than 13 years his junior? Do they read their own papers?”

Dan Savage, Live Slogging Weiner’s Press Conference



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