Crisis Averted

Crisis averted. The apartment search has been called off. The number I’ve been calling for the past six weeks that I thought was my new realtor was really a graphic design firm’s fax number. A lot of this is my fault. I didn’t call the landlord since she’s never returned a message I’ve left. Plus I should have remembered that they have open house for the building down the block that’s the same company and I should’ve gone and talked to them. I feel like a dumbass. So I called the realty agency for this place I looked at yesterday to cancel my application – I knew that I was obligated to take the apartment if it went through with the building manager – or I’d lose my deposit. But I also knew that I was the third application for the apartment that day so I didn’t think I’d get it anyway – whereupon my deposit would be refunded. But the lady on the phone contends that I lose my deposit no matter what. Assholes.But like I said – this is a Big Andy Fuck Up. So I gotta breathe and get over it – there is so much else to do. That’s what I get for being honest. Score one for Hoosier naivete… I’m still trying to get rid of it!






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