Creepy Woman in Commercials

Does anyone else find this gal totally smarmy. It seems the entire company is built on their 1-800 number ‘The Big O.’ And is it just me or when she says

It’s all about the clothes!

She isn’t saying the L so it’s really

It’s all about the coze!

Regardless she creeps me out – especially the ‘Lolita and pig-tails straw-sucking’ sequence.

Answers over at Salon.






7 responses to “Creepy Woman in Commercials”

  1. jima Avatar

    You mean Slate, not Salon.

  2. Moby Avatar

    I thought it was just me. She just rubs me wrong too!

  3. Insane Robot Avatar

    That chick has been inabout a skabillion commercials. I think she’s German or Austrian too; kinda like the cheaper version of Heidi Klum. What freaks me out is the last “And just sometimes….it’s all about the gold.” What? Who likes gold anyway these days?

  4. Clifford Avatar

    I think she is Hot! 🙂 I especially likes it when she says … “It’s all about the Cliff” 🙂

  5. Ratboy Avatar

    I hope she makes enough from them to get the bags under her eyes fixed….

  6. D Avatar

    What the hecks her name?

  7. brand Avatar

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