Crawford, Texas Pics

(via Reuters/Yahoo)

 Man hangs BUSH COUNTRY sign in Crawford, Texas. (Reuters/AP/Yahoo)


And last month, the Pentagon asked Congress to increase the maximum age for military recruits to 42 for all branches of the armed services, up from the current age of 39.

 Cindy Sheehan amid a sea of white crosses. (Reuters/AP/Yahoo)






3 responses to “Crawford, Texas Pics”

  1. Pfalz prophet Avatar
    Pfalz prophet

    The Bush Country bubble has burst, it’s now at or below 40%. That political land is going to go further under than a Louisiana parish.

  2. Casey Avatar

    Salvation at last.

  3. kc Avatar

    Be funny if that was an electric fence . . .

    No, no, that was wrong of me. I take that back . . .

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