I’ve been really crabby the past few days. I think I might need a new bed. I’m just not sleeping lately. True, it might be the cat is bothering me more than I suspect. But I still sleep much better at Ron’s place and he has a much softer mattress than I. The one I have is now 8 years old and I’ve flipped it everyway I can.

Ron has stopped smoking with the help of Nicoderm CQ which we are both very surprised works very well. He hasn’t smoked in 5 days. I’m very proud of him.

There is one BIG MF bug in the apartment right now. It makes a very strange dry chirp sound. I think it is a katydid. I know – completely harmless but totally freaking me out. The cat is about to lose his mind.






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  1. Dan Avatar

    You may find it helpful to put kitty in a carrier to allow you to sleep,A good bed makes the difference. Smoking is generational along with Gilbert..Happy Tails to all…Time to go to town…We live in the country and enjoy the pastorial setting……………………

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