Cover Up and Concealer

I noticed a really odd behavior with the cat. When I am cleaning out his litter box he is always pawing at the bag or newspaper that I’m using to discard of his kittenables. I thought it was hysterical that he’s pawing at it as if to say: Hey that’s mine – give me that back! or Dammit I’m just a cat okay? I can’t flush for crissakes – do you have to throw that back in my face?

Then Ron realized that what was really going on is the cat was trying to cover it up. I’d scoop and sift onto some newspapers and he’s standing on it trying to rustle and paw the newsprint to cover up his parcels. I could not stop laughing as I realized he’s really saying: Dammit – didn’t you see me bury this stuff and you go digging it up! Don’t! They’ll smell it and know that I’m here! He’s either worried about a potential prey or predator sniffing his presence.






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