Conyers and Co. Challenge Ohio Elections in Congress

Turn on C-SPAN right now.

John Conyers is on right now giving his overview. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs-Jones of Ohio and Senator Barbara Boxer of California helped challenge as well. They’re doing a two-hour debate.

It may be just symbolic – but it’s something. Ten possible reasons for voter fraud is a big deal.

Dems I didn’t get the byline: I believe the results won’t change but the results have to be investigated.

Majority Whip: Questioning results hurt confidence in the process (sounds like ‘dissent is unpatriotic’ tripe).

Ric Keller: Get over it.

Mel Watt: The U.S. cannot claim to uphold democracy. (quick interruption to stop noise and yelling) We must do whatever it takes to guarantee the vote. Bush won, I’ll certify but to say this is frivolous is dumb.

Grace Napalitano (chair of Hispanic caucus): Democracy depends on full participation.

Bob Ney: This is just sour grapes from the losers.

(had teleconference – shoot!)

(MUTE off)

Our girl Maxine Waters (I love her outrage): 10 hours to cast votes in predominately black precincts? Fewer machines in black pricincts? More cast votes than registered voters? Ohio has failed to run a fair election. (holy shit – she’s on a roll! – wow!)

John Boehner: We need to heal. This is without merit.

Michael Oxley: Snarky McSnarkity Snark.

Carolyn Kilpatrick: We don’t object to the result – we object to the process.

Jan Schakowksy: There’s little disagreement that irregularities occured – what are we going to do about it?

Rob Portman: I was there – it didn’t happen.

(I just realized the Gonzalez hearings in the Senate are at the same time (C-SPAN 2) – it’s just too much excitement!)

Senate votes 74-1 to reject challenge to Ohio votes.

Smartest thing: Stephanie Tubbs Jones suggesting that election day should be a national holiday. I keep thinking this to myself and I totally agree.

Good God, Tom DeLay is such a prick!






4 responses to “Conyers and Co. Challenge Ohio Elections in Congress”

  1. Dunner Avatar

    I’m really trying to figure out why the American public eats this shit from the Republicans up. If there had been massive waits on this scale in any other non-minority precinct in the country, there would be protests the size of Yushchenko’s.

    Election day a national holiday? I like it. How about just move them from Tuesday to Sunday? Then I suppose the church types would throw a shitfit. Maybe Saturday?

    Kudos to one of my senators, Babs Boxer, for standing up. She just kicked a no-name Republican to the curb in the November election, so her seat is safe…a likely excuse for her taking the fall for the party. In any event, the Democratic Party is slowly showing signs of a backbone.

  2. Jef Avatar

    I don’t remember all the details, but my partner, also Jeff, told me about a report done by statistics students in California that showed that the results for Ohio did not show anything suspicious, but the results from Florida were extremely suspect. I’ll try to find out the details and send them to you. I should have thought to myself, “That’s so Andymatic!”

  3. Andy Avatar

    Most of that math was later thrown out by some real statisticians – I can’t find it readily.

  4. Gigamatt Avatar

    Man, I have ranted about Ney over and over again. Mr. Freedom Fries. Things like this make me sorry to be an Ohioan.

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