Conspiracy Nuts

I know you’ll think I’m crazy but if you have a high-speed connection and a half-hour you should really watch parts 1-3 (of 5) of Unanswered Questions on 9-11. Maybe as a whole it’s hard to digest – but try not to freak yourself out if you take just a couple of the points made into account. Also on your viewing list: a video on CIA cocaine trafficking. And you might as well go over to and get the video clips of the Democrat presidential candidate. I swear if this man talks this straight-on about things this consistently, he’s got my vote. I like his style. All the other Dem candidates are trying to be Bush-lite – he’s taking a risk to be the anti-Bush. Try not to cheer out loud when he talks about portable pensions and universal health care coverage and protection of retirement pensions from executive raiding.






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