There is a strange confluence of stressors lately – I mentioned/earlier it below. And further:

SBC says my DSL modem is broken. I’m going to go get one at Best Buy and try it out before I buy one from SBC again – I know they won’t service it until I buy it from them. Oh, and the 2-year warranty just happened to expire – ain’t that the pits!

Loud music for 20 minutes under the bedroom. Just when I’d had enough it stopped. I’m thinking of getting a sledgehammer and beating on the floor in a syncopated beat – maybe mask a 5/4 measure onto their 4/4. Or do a triplet swing. Inconsiderate asstards.

Still awaiting my mailbox key. Yes, it’s the 20th. I can’t get my mail. I’m going to raise holy hell at the leasing agency tomorrow. This is stupid bullshit. Like I said – I’ve lived in much ‘lesser’ neighborhoods and didn’t get this kind of treatment. Part of me thinks I’m being a demanding asshole – but hey – I’m paying the goddamn rent!

I was doing an onsite training downtown. I’d rehearsed it 3x the day before and it still blew up in my face as I uncovered inconsistent permissions in our code. The client didn’t seem to mind but I was pretty embarrassed. Waiting for clearance to enter the building, I saw a bunch of people I used to work for and they all said things like, “Wow! You look great! Why is it everyone looks so much better after they leave this place?!”

Got the bathroom and bedroom cleared out today. Going through tons of files and trying to recycle all that I can. I do feel better putting every bit of paper or plastic I can find in the blue bag instead of choking another landfill/future golf-course.

Latest overplayed song is NIN’s ‘Metal’. I just love the first lyrics.

We’re in the building where they make us grow
And I’m frightened by the liquid engineers
Like you

Such a great opening line.

If I have to see an ad for Without A Paddle one more time I might just lose my mind. I had a brownie once. Abort the fetal position! Argh.

Ha – ealier today I was thinking about combining my pro and personal blogs – after today’s rants – probably best to keep ’em separated.

I think that Jon Stewart on The Daily Show would be so much funnier if he didn’t have the smug smirk in his delivery – he laughs at himself too much. That’s why I like all their other correspondents that do total deadpan. But he has really improved from when he first started anchoring the show. But the worst faux news anchor had to be Colin Quinn. It’s like he had no frigging idea how to tell a joke or do a setup – or that other idiot. I can’t remember his name. Or on SNL where they don’t even pretend to give a shit about memorizing lines and just so obviously read the teleprompter/cue cards.

Okay – I think Simpsons is on now – how dare they pre-empty it for football and then the news!

I wish I’d caught the opening ceremonies of the Olypmics. I’ve always wanted to stage something that huge and vast. I’ve been looking at the still pics and they’re slick. Hopefully I can download it when/if I get high speed working. I’ll probably be at the coffeshop most of tomorrow if the DSL doesn’t work.

Closing lyrics – some more snaches from ‘Metal’ which is actually written by Gary Numan (but I believe sung by Trent).

I could crawl around the floor just like I’m real
Like you
I need my treatment it’s tomorrow they send me
Singing “I am an American”
Do you?
I’d love to pull the wires from the wall
Did you?






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  1. Andy Avatar

    Got the mailbox key finally. They’d delivered it to the wrong building.

  2. JC Avatar

    It sounds like one of these scenes from a movie where several stressful things happen and then something incredible begins….

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