Companies Don't Want to Hire

“The crisis in confidence is that capital quite enjoys the largess of the system it’s created… yet that system doesn’t serve anyone outside of that system. However, by lumping the problems of capital in with the problems of labour, the assertion is made that everyone is at risk. When actually, most non-financial companies are doing just fine… and indeed could do much better if they weren’t strangle-held by the problems of financial companies. Thus, the problem of unemployment. Nobody wants to hire because they have to protect their financial numbers. If indeed there is a finite amount of capital, the net result of this is that in order for capital to maintain it’s huge percentage of net worth and overall national wealth, the unemployed can’t have any of it. Indeed, the reason for high unemployment is that to make those people economically active requires paying them. That money has to come from somewhere, and it has to come right out of the either personal or corporate balance sheets of those that already have it. That is why companies cannot find employees. Because they don’t want them. Rupert may blow a good ring of smoke in the air and talk about missing apprenticeships and all the rest, however the problem with that argument is that basically, none of the problems or solutions verge outside a fundamental concept — capital transferring wealth to labour. …  You cannot address fundamental problems if you are not willing to deal with the actual problem. And the actual problem of companies finding the right employees has little to do with a lack of qualified people and all to do with the fact those people require a salary, when it’s nearly free to work your current people dogshit into the ground.”

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