Coming Home Tomorrow

As always, I’m anxious to get back home. My sister and brother-in-law have gone to bed. The conference was only okay. The statistical analysis training on Thursday and Friday was fun but exhausting. I had different expectations of this conference. I was expecting to come away with more tools and practices. Instead, I felt we kept rehashing the same tired conversations as before allowing many to stroke their egos in front of the groups. Essentially these were all open discussion sessions. I wanted content. I wanted tips and how-tos. A lot of whining all around. And I was stunned when one moderator basically gave up moderating and sat down to surf the web on his laptop, leaving the participants to figure it out for themselves (you’ll hear about it a lot tomorrow I’m sure on the blogs). Evidently, this is how BloggerCon-style conferences are. It just came off very amateurish to me. Which is unfortunate because the intent of the conference was there. Most of the panels I attended offered nothing new that I couldn’t have heard in a newsletter or article.

I just really was taken aback when that moderator divorced himself of the session he was moderating. I guess it is part of his usual shtick to be the shit-starter (or passive agressor) but it seemed like a slap in the face to those that took their Saturdays off to spend time there. I was disappointed because it was so damned childish and embarrassing. Sure, some people though Oh this is what he usually does but to the uninitiated it came off as total bullshit.

If you want blogging to be taken seriously then you need to not act like a twit. I don’t even know if that is a fair statement. Just a lot of chest-pounding overall and posturing.

The blogosphere seems to be a cross between the wild wild west and high school. Everybody wants to make a ton of money for having mediocre opinions.






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    Not me! I’ll share my mediocre opinions for free . . .

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