Cold Turkey

Did anyone catch the beginning of this show? Ron and I had tuned in, not knowing what it was. This is the best beginning of any reality show ever. All the participants came into the house thinking that they were in different shows: train for an astronaut, design a fashion line, find love as a single senior… it was a great beginning to the show. I wish they’d kept them hanging a little longer. I hate to use the expression That’s so meta. But it was.

Ron assures me he would take down Francesca and Faggy McFaggy-Pants Calvin before the first commercial break.






3 responses to “Cold Turkey”

  1. th0m Avatar

    if only i could smoke weed legally… i swear I’d have nicotine kicked in a day.

  2. francesca Avatar

    tell ron to bring it…

  3. francesca Avatar

    tell ron to bring it…

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