Coincidence Theorists Guide to 9/11

There are stunning and astounding coincidences through the entire 9/11 timeline. In my most cynical moments I think that Bush knew – or someone knew – that something big was going to happen and it could be leveraged effectively. Other times I think I’m just nuts to believe that anybody would have that kind of cruelty in mind. And some have said if you take any day in history – like the JFK assassination – you will find amazing coincidences peppered throughout.

That George Bush’s telephone logs for September 11 do not exist should surprise no one, given the confusion of the day.

That heightened security for the World Trade Centre was lifted immediately prior to the attacks illustrates that it always happens when you least expect it.

That the White House went on Cipro September 11 shows the foresightedness of America’s emergency response.

That the White House balked at any inquiry into the events of 9/11, then starved it of funds and stonewalled it, was unfortunate, but since the commission didn’t find for conspiracy it’s all a non issue anyway.

A great collection of the many coincidences surrounding the terrorist attacks and their aftermath.






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