Coat Still On

Much like my beloved mother – I have been wearing my coat now for about four hours solid after coming inside from dropping some film off at Walgreens. But it is pretty chilly in here. They have yet to fix the draft in the living room. Talked with a web design client today and cooking up a proposal for Wednesday. Dropped by the fitness club and have been trying to meet more and more people there and start to evangelize coaching more and more.

Ron is still in Wisconsin visiting his mom. She’s better now – she’d had pneumonia and they’d had to drain one of her lungs and she spent the night in the hospital. Plus she’s back on dialysis with kidney problems exacerbated by her lupus.

I downloaded a great tool W.Bloggar that lets me blog without opening up my browser – I like it because it allows more editing options and stuff like that. I think that that is one reason I’ve been posting so many non-personal links lately. I’ve got a news aggregator and grabbing the headlines from my favorite sites and so it is easy to tick off a quick link post and run with it.

Did laundry yesterday – haven’t put it away yet but it is folded at least.

Back to dayjob gig tomorrow. They keep saying that they are talking to the big cheeses about constractor status.

Still tweaking templates as you can see – thanks for your patience as I flip back and forth between the MovableType default template and the one I’m trying to shoehorn my content into.






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