Civil Rights Documents Purged from Government Site

As of 7 January 2005, the website of the US Commission on Civil Rights has been purged of 20 reports that didn’t meet the approval of the agency’s Republican majority. The site says that you may still order copies of these reports, but, tellingly, they require that you give them a physical mailing address. In other words, they’ll send you a paper copy of a report, not an easily-postable electronic copy.

Missing are greatest hits like:

Redefining Rights in America: The Civil Rights Record of the George W. Bush Administration

Anniversary Update on Commission Activities Related to September 11

The Supreme Court Revisits Affirmative Action: Will Grutter and Gratz Mean the End of Bakke?

Briefing on Tragedy Along the Arizona-Mexico Border: Undocumented Immigrants Face Death in the Desert

Voting Rights in Florida 2002: Briefing Summary

Briefing on the Consequences of Government Race Data Collection Bans on Civil Rights

Luckily The Memory Hole has got ’em.






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