Civet Cats Are Not Really Cats

Glad I got that off my chest. And before any Americans get high and mighty about livestock testing keep in mind that we test a handful of cattle each year for Mad Cow disease where in Japan they test 100% and I think the amount in the U. K. was upwards of 60%. We pump the animals full of drugs and hormones and then we pump them full of their dead brethren and expect a tasty product to result? The reaction in this country to eating anything that we don’t normally eat is such a perfect illustration of our insular xenophobic/racist attitudes towards cultures we don’t know jack shit about. Time has a great article about the doctor making the link between SARS and sales of civet cats in wild game markets – along with his pleading and begging of the Chinese health officials to produce an announcement and decisive action.

Again, they are not drowning 10,000 cute little cuddy kitty cats. They’re drowning 10,000 un-cute, rancid, toothed, rodent-rats. So now you don’t have to have a Hello Kitty in chains moment.






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