Christmas Post-Poned

My mom called all the relatives to say don’t come over tonight since the roads are so bad. We spent two hours shoveling the drive way this morning – I can’t believe how thick the snow is – it’s pretty compacted too so I gave up shoveling and would break up chunks and discus-throw them into the yard. I could have made an igloo. Ron is in Honolulu. Brigitte checking in on the cat tonight, hopefully. I’m worried about him. Lots of writing on the laptop. Forgot the iPod charger so I’m running out of music. Went to church tonight – I hadn’t been since last year. Saw Mary – my high school sweetheart – and the girl that put me on the road to being attracted to asian girls which we all know where that leads (asian guys). Also saw former BMOC Brian and wife Emily – and their little boy who was a baby last Christmas is now big enough to have little pants and a shirt on, being held by his daddy during the Communion procession. More later. I have a ton to post when I get back.

My sister and brother-in-law didn’t make it in from Nashville yesterday, or today. I don’t know if they’ll try to get in tomorrow or not. I told dad that we should just throw all the gifts in the back of the coat closet and open ’em next year!

We went out to dinner after Church since we’d been inside eating chili and sandwiches for a couple days.






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