Ron and I went to the grocery late last night and got vegetables and such – including chicken nuggets. I had giggled a lot at Marge Simpson calling her kids’s TV dinners ‘Dinnerables’ so I pronounced our fried chicken nuggets, Chickenables. Had that and green beans and warm rice pudding.

I seem to be addicted to rice pudding lately. I guess I feel it’s a little more redeeming than actual ice scream. And it’s so sweet and when it’s warm it is neck-and-neck with banana nut pancakes for that ‘warm hug’ feeling as you eat them.

Ron pulled a muscle in his neck so he’s been whining all night and we’re both going to massage therapy today – after my physical therapy.

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed at all the ideas and things that I want to be doing and seeing others do stuff that I should have been on top of months ago.

Jesus it’s early. I actually spelled ice cream as ice scream.






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